5elect5 Essentials Cromby

Irish-born DJ and electronic music producer Chris McCormick aka Cromby shares his selection of fun and spicy home and studio essentials.

After living and building up his career between Belfast and London, holding a residency at legendary club Shine for the past 7 years, Cromby took the chance to embrace the next chapter of his rising music career. Releases on Silver Service, Denis Sulta‘s new sub-label, and Feel My Bicep quickly followed after relocating to Germany’s music electronic music capital Berlin.

This year, Cromby joined the infamous Unknown to the Unknown family with his latest  “Dance Trax Vol.20” EP.  The London-based mysterious record label run by DJ Haus has been putting out some of the best underground house music weapons with the most recognizable and well-designed cover art. The artwork now made it on a T-shirts which can be purchased here to support and to look like you know what is good.

Cromb’s essentials feel like a snapshot of where he is today. A balance of best practices and routines mixed with excitement and fun, while always remembering his roots and holding to his first ever vinyl record – a love story.

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5elect5 Essentials Cromby

1. SKINCARE (KIEHL’S, BUY HERE): Always good when your running low on sleep, smash a bit of this on to wake up your face.

2. HOT SAUCE (VALENTINA, BUY HERE)): Pretty much gets chucked on everything I eat and food definitely inspires me.. this one is the current

3. COFFEE PERCOLATOR (NO PARTICULAR BRAND): Pretty essential for making a decent cup. Definitely need a few in me before I’m ready for the studio.

4. SILLY SLIPPERS (FIND YOUR OWN): A dog in a dragon suit, whats not to love, cosy too.

5. FIRST RECORD (LAYO & BUSHWACKA!, CHECK HERE): This is the first record that was ever given to me when I first got decks for my 14th birthday. I asked for a set of shitty KAM turntables and when I got them I didn’t actually realise I needed records, schoolboy error, literally. My sister had a friend who lived across the road who DJ’d a little bit and she arranged for me to borrow some records off him, this was one of them. I still have it and hold it dearly and it still gets played on occasion.


5elect5 Essentials Cromby