5elect5 Essentials Cinnaman DJ Music Producer

One of the most respected DJ and music producer in the Dutch underground electronic music scene Yuri Boselie aka Cinnaman shares his smart collection of travel essentials.

Now based in Amsterdam, Boselie’s music career continuously influenced the city’s nightlife and music scene. Being a resident DJ at Trouw and working as the A&R for infamous labels like Rush Hour and Kindred Spirits offshoot Nod Navigators, he gained a reputation for his wide range and impeccable taste in music. He became also famously one of the co-founders and resident DJs at Colors, a long-running club night that brought bass music to Amsterdam.

From hip-hop, house and modern soul, to techno and garage, Boselie knows what works on the dance floor as well as what his audience needs to hear next. Even with a hectic touring schedule (he just came back from an Asia tour and is getting ready for a tour in India next), he always stays loyal to his roots and returns home for his residency at De School and his radio show “Visible Spectrum” on Red Light Radio.

Boselie’s essentials create the perfect set for compact and effortless touring. Recording and collecting local sounds from hims adventures, to the occasional shopping on the way to his show – while keeping a piece of home always close to his heart.

Follow and listen to Cinnaman’s music here:

Soundcloud: @Cinnaman
Instagram: @Cinnaman
Facebook: @Cinnamanofficial


5elect5 Essentials Cinnaman DJ Music Producer

1. DJ BAG (PATTA, BUY HERE): From the moment i got it. It goes with with me everywhere. Made for your headphone usb passport and some other small stuff. Perfect to carry around everywhere you go.

2. BOOK (BY JULES EVANS, BUY HERE):  Book is very essential to take with you. Always try keep learning so reading. This is a very interesting one about philosophy.

3. MICROPHONE FOR iPHONE (SHURE, BUY HERE): This a perfect way to record sounds when your go outside or on tour. Different sounds of the street and nature.

4. MINTS (SMINT, BUY HERE): After a night djing and maybe having a drink to many after your how and a way to short sleep. This will help you a bit.

5. TOTE BAG (RED LIGHT RADIO, CHECK HERE): Always goes with me on tour for the new records i buy and comes in handy also when you go out for a swim or some shopping so you don’t have to use any plastic. Multi-functional bag by my favorite radio station.


5elect5 Essentials Cinnaman DJ Music Producer