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1. CONDOMS (SKYN, CHECK HERE ): One must always be prepared for those special intimate moments and me being an aesthete I loved the simplicity of the packaging, the color gradation, and the font. They also feel like there is nothing there between you and your loved one ( or the one your loving at the moment !) 2. PERFUME (BYREDO, BUY HERE ): Scent to me is the essence of style. Also nice shoes, hair, teeth, and skin. Im obsessed with Byredo because they are so unique and I love the founder’s Ben Gorham’s world. So chic. I have about 4 now, 2 for spring/summer and two for fall/winter. This is my current favorite. 3. COCONUT OIL (SHEA MOISTURE, CHECK HERE ): Coconut oil is nectar from the gods. You can cook with with it, use it on your body, your hair, sex lubricant ( not with condomns, but with yourself is lovely also ) and it smells good too!  My favorite thing next to my Vitamix. Facebook  Soundcloud  Twitter  Instagram


1. NOTE BOOK (NO BRAND) : This is where I write all my schedule and I write things I got do/ gotta be done and I love crossing them out when it’s done. 2. SKIN CARE (GROUND PLAN, BUY HERE ): I fly a lot so facial mist is important as skin gets dry up in the air. 3. SUPPLEMENTS (NO BRAND): This is something I would take it everywhere I go. Including Spirulina, vitamin, calcium etc ! Important ! Facebook  Soundcloud  Instagram  Web


1. CAUGH DROPS (NO BRAND):  I always have some with me when I go to the clubs and of course: Karaoke, my favorite ♡ 2. GOOD LUCK CHARM (KUMADE RAKE, SHIMIZUYA ): In Japan, there is a traditional festival called Torinoichi (Day of the Rooster) where they sell lucky ‘Kumade’ ornaments, a rake made of bamboo decorated with charms. They come in various sizes and beautiful detailed designs. Imagine a market filled with these! It’s absolutely gorgeous and now I look forward to going to this event every year. To keep raking in the wealth, some visitors even purchase a slightly bigger ‘Kumade’ each year. This one is from the long-established store ‘Shimizuya’. 3. RECORD CLEANER (AUDIO TECHNICA, CHECK HERE ): I always bring this record cleaner when I DJ. It comes with a bottle of cleaning fluid. Having your own cleaner is the key! Facebook   Soundcloud  Twitter  Website 


1. RING (NO BRAND): My ring is a 100 year old family ring. I have been wearing it for about a decade now and its a mother and son thing. 2. PASSPORT (GREEK CITIZENSHIP ):  I don’t know what i would ever do if i lost my passport. I use it for over 16 flights a month. 3. ARGY & MAMA RECORD (BPITCH CONTROL, BUY HERE): At the moment i am going through the phase of listening to my ARGY & MAMA album with fresh ears and hopefully a more objective perspective. Soundcloud  Facebook


1. NECKLACE  (BLESS, BUY HERE ): This necklace was a gift from Cédric Rivrain. 2. SNEAKERS (NIKE – AIR MAX 180 GERMANY SP, CHECK HERE):  They make my feet look big. And I can wear them with anything. 3. PANTS (NIUKI, BUY HERE):  NIUKU is my Friend’s Label. These pants are high waist and slim fit – the best.  Soundcloud  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter