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1. ISOLATOR (BOZURE, CHECK HERE ): My portable isolator, or that little box I travel around with and weird people out with various frequency amplifications and attenuations. 2. EARRINGS (NO BRAND): Earrings donning kokopelli silhouettes remind me no matter how far I travel, at heart I’m still a desert rat. 3. INCENSE (BASTET, CHECK HERE): “Bastet” incense, for channeling clear-minded creativity, lovingly and masterfully hand-blended by the eternal (and powerfully missed) Randy from Sword and Rose in Cole Valley, SF. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter  Instagram


1. CRYSTALS (SODALITE, MORE INFO HERE ): I’m wearing my sodalite stone since years. I got it from my beautiful wife and I like for its meaning. It basically gives me super powers. 2. SPACE MAN STUDIO KEYS (LEGO, CHECK HERE): The little guy is from the same century as most of my Synths and drum machines. He is basically a gate opener to a huge playground. When my six year old son was introduced to the space man, he was as impressed and happy as I am when I am spending time with all of my machines. Spaceship. 3. SEQUENCER (MODEL 103 – ROLAND, CHECK THE FULL SYSTEM 100 HERE): I couldn’t fit the whole System 100 on the picture. The whole machine is a joy to use. It brings back sequencing to it most simple and maybe, from todays perspective, most unique way of sequencing. Patching the cables into the system, and sequencing two machines with that is a kind of meditation for me. It’s like cooking or going for a run, for my mind and body. Soundcloud   Facebook


1. NOTEPAD COVER (GHURKA, CHECK HERE ): Don’t remember when it was.. maybe >15 years ago? I saw a lady who had a very old and well-aged Ghurka leather notebook. Since then I decided to get my own when I get older. 2. LIPSTICK (NARS, CHECK HERE): Love the colour and the matte. Recently this is one of the most essential things for me when I have gigs. 3. GLASSES (AYAME, CHECK HERE): I’ve been loving glasses, but sadly most of European ones don’t suit my gigantic round Asian face..these are the first glasses I found for me!! Soundcloud  Facebook  Website


1. WHISTLE (NO BRAND): I never go on tour with my collection of whistles. I have got them in various colors but the red one is probably my favorite now. 2. SHOES (DR MARTENS, BUY HERE): They are so comfortable. I always got a pair and I even wear them on stage. 3. COWBELL (NO BRAND): This is where it all started. My parents bought me a cowbell and a Fisher-Price guitar when I was little and as you can see, I still use one to this day in my songs. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter


1. NOTEPAD (NO BRAND): I’m always writing stuff down – mostly completely unintelligibly, but if it’s gets written down it gets remembered. 2. NECKLACE (THE GREAT FROG, CHECK HERE): This always reminds me of Soho, it’s from the Great Frog round the corner from where I used to work at Black Market Records. I don’t wear that often, but it lives in my suitcase and always reminds me of a good place. 3. SNEAKERS (CONVERSE, BUY HERE ): My old flat was a graveyard for these, I’ve been through stacks of them – my favourite shoes forever. I’ll probably die in a pair. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter


1. AMULET (KIRA KIRA, BUY HERE): Remedy of impatience. This amulet was especially made from Icelandic wood, Volcanic ashes and empowering crystals; it makes me feel protected when wearing it. A precious gift from a precious man. 2. FANNY BAG (NO BRAND, AMERICAN VINTAGE): As California as can be.. Bought this bag in LA and its spicing up any outfit plus reminding me of a wonderful time&place 3. MAKE-UP (KRYOLAN, BUY HERE): Most essential thing for a show with my Band Pentatones. #ouroboros #blackCircles Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter


1. SNEAKERS (REEBOK, BUY HERE): These are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned. 2. CRYSTAL (BY NATURE): This black tourmaline was given to me by a shamen in LA, it’s supposed to protect me against negative energy while traveling. I always wear it in my pocket on tour. 3. EYE MASK (NO BRAND): Robots don’t sleep, but it’s easier with less light, so this eye mask and earplugs are a must-have for me. Plus the eyemask was a present from a special person. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter


1. RING (NO BRAND): My ring is a 100 year old family ring. I have been wearing it for about a decade now and its a mother and son thing. 2. PASSPORT (GREEK CITIZENSHIP ):  I don’t know what i would ever do if i lost my passport. I use it for over 16 flights a month. 3. ARGY & MAMA RECORD (BPITCH CONTROL, BUY HERE): At the moment i am going through the phase of listening to my ARGY & MAMA album with fresh ears and hopefully a more objective perspective. Soundcloud  Facebook


1. SNEAKERS  (NIKE AIR MAX 1 MOIRE, BUY HERE ): I love sneakers. It’s the first thing I shop for when I’m abroad playing. These are a dope variation of the classic Air Max 1, but super lightweight. 2. CAMERA IN  AIR FRANCE TRAVEL BAG (GOPRO 3+ BLACK EDITION, BUY HERE):  A great way to capture memories of my DJ sets. The large angle and simple functionality makes it easy for anyone to use it. I can just throw it to someone in the DJ booth and they’ll know how to use it. 3. USB STICK (SANDISK EXTREME 32GB, BUY HERE):  This is all I need to DJ. I love walking in a club with just these. These SanDisk are super fast and make a big difference in the way rekordbox performs. Get those! I also recommend having a pair for safety, and attaching them together makes it easier not to loose them. Soundcloud  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter


1. BLACK CLOAK (NO BRAND):  My Chinese grandma gave it to me so I can hide in the dark. 2. FIGHTING FISH: This kind of fish lives alone in calm waters of south Asia. He’s a reminder of beauty and the importance of solitude. 3. ELECTRIC GUITAR (FENDER JAGUAR, JAPANESE REISSUE 1991): We’ve been together for almost 20 years. Breaks strings but never broke my heart. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter