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When you google “Call Super”, the top search results will list links to London-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Call Super (aka JR Seaton) and a Wikipedia article that explains “Call Super” as a “a code smell or anti-pattern of some object-oriented programming languages”. With his classically trained background in music, it is no surprise that Seaton’s sound is versatile but refined, marked by technical skills and musical influences. He describes the track selection of his upcoming mix CD on “Fabric 92” as “highly personal, a Polaroid of my way of mixing records”. We visited Seaton at his studio in Berlin which was filled with “Call Super” flavor: analogue music gear and colorful objects amongst stylish furniture in a raw space. His choice of essentials is also consistent with his music: unpredictable, honest but fun.

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1. STAIRCASE WEAVING (HANNAH WALDRON, CHECK HERE): This was woven by my dear friend Hannah Waldron for me. The first Call Super record was called The Staircase and she sent it to me in celebration. I’m not sure I own anything that I treasure more.

2. PARTY DIP (CUBBS, CHECK HERE): This was in my Berlin studio apartment when I moved in around the beginning of 2010. I think it dates to the late 80s so it has been providing inspiration for nearly 30 years.

3. BIRTHDAY CARD (BY OBJEKT): When we were very small people me and my best friend TJ would draw aeroplanes. Birthdays are a chance to keep that fire burning..‎

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