5elect5 Essentials Ana Tabatadze Tattoo Artist Photographer

Ana Tabatadze is Georgian tattoo artist, photographer and illustrator based in Berlin. She gives us a peek into her studio and essentials to create her poetry inspired line work.

Ana’s fine-line minimalist work captures moving bodies, mystical creatures, floral patterns and love for her family and friends. Feeling the need to justify her passion for drawing brought her to the art of tattoos. She compares the delicate line work to poetry and has been exploring different ways to express her ideas. Ana’s recent work includes jewellery pieces she started initially making for her friends. The juxtaposition of her delicate work enclosed in transparent foils chained to a heavy-duty metal chain is an interpretation of our gentle sensitive nature in an industrial world and the balance we struggle to maintain.

Ana frequently works as a photographer and captures the underground nightlife scene and youth culture for publications such as i-D magazine and Dazed.

The selection of her essentials seems to be a collection of art itself including memories and stories with her beloved ones and unique flea market findings.

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5elect5 Essentials Ana Tabatadze Tattoo Artist Photographer

1. CUP (VINTAGE): The cup I love to drink coffee from, I had 6 of them and as I’ve been breaking them one after this other throughout the years – its shape, simple design was becoming more and more precious to me.  (This is the last survived one)

2. RING (FABER CASTELL, CHECK HERE): This ring has a long and private story: I was traveling from Tbilisi to Poti and in the night train i felt overwhelming, unnatural  happiness, which immediately made me cautious, I went to one of the open train window, took the ring off of my finger and hold it out to throw it away to make some kind of deal with the nature, but my rational part stopped my superstitious second part and I kept the ring, next morning I got the call that my father had a stroke and had to go back to Tbilisi. My father had already passed away when I got back home.

3. SCARF (HANDMADE GIFT): My mom is textile designer and I have a lot of her works, this one is the one I love to wear most.

4. ARTWORK (CHECK HERE): These are my jewels, they are the wearable pieces with my drawings, writings or photographs. I like that my works are represented by my friends. I don’t want my works to be exhibited nor put together as a book, so this is to me in a way something in between. Closer to the bodies, closer to personal choice.

5. FRIENDS: One day I visited my friend Sophie, she was in a blue mood, on one point she said, she is always talking and paying to the friends which were no longer among us. somehow it inspired my to create a chain with people I love (dead or alive) to think of them everyday, to send love to them and keep them in my heart.

6. VASE (VINTAGE): This little vase I found at the flea market, its shape and printed flowers are so satisfying to me that I always have it on my desk, next to my tools. I remember I said that it was most beautiful object I possessed and I still think the same way.


5elect5 Essentials Ana Tabatadze Tattoo Artist Photographer