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1. SKULL (NO BRAND)This little skull is a squishy toy that I’ve had since my first studio in Chinatown in NYC 10 years ago. When you squeeze him, a big bubble filled with rubber roaches pops out of his eye. It’s a great stress reliever.

2. SYNTHESIZER / SEQUENCER (ROLAND TB-303): My dear 303, you are so many things in one – creative oracle, enlightenment portal, bass weapon and future heirloom. Our relationship is fraught with heated exchanges, power struggles and deep enchanting affection. In the words of Anita Baker – you bring me joy.

3. AMPLIFIER (SMOKEY AMPS, CHECK HERE )This is a tiny guitar amplifier housed in a cigarette pack. I can plug an instrument into it, and it even has an output cable so I can record through it. Sometimes I pick it up to play guitar when I need a break, sometimes I plug a synth into it and record the noise. Sometimes all three items on this page work together as a team.

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