5elect5 Essentials Aleksa Alaska DJ Producer

Berlin-based Romanian producer and DJ Aleksa Alaska shares her essentials and inspiration with us.

From a sleepy part of Northern Romania, Aleksa Alaska started her music career simply collecting and sharing music. Before she’d even set foot in a DJ booth, Aleksa had already built up an impressive online following. Initially, this was thanks to her YouTube Channel, where she shared favourite tracks plucked from obscure 1980s electronic music releases on a weekly basis. She does not only have impeccable taste in music but also visual art and photography which helped her to build a unique profile.

After establishing her career in Bucharest, she recently moved to Berlin to embrace the next step in her artistic career. She now holds a DJ residency at the infamous Sameheads and follows her path as a music selector joining the dots between EBM, acid, electro, techno and industrial stompers. These are the essentials that will accompany her on this journey.

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5elect5 Essentials Aleksa Alaska DJ Producer

1. MOOMIN: This book is the first thing my boyfriend ever gifted me and the last Moomin book Tove Jansson wrote. It’s sweet and melancholic and reminds me of my childhood and grandparents.

2. SKINCARE (THE ORDINARY, CHECK HERE): I started using hyaluronic acid quite obsessively when I turned 30, but to be honest I use it because I don’t know how to do my makeup and this product makes my skin look fresh without too much effort. Now I cannot live without it.

3. SUPPLEMENTS: Not a day goes by without taking my supplements – magnesium for my sleep and moodiness, zinc + b6 and super enzymes for my skin and lactose intolerance. If you get breakouts and can’t figure out why, try taking zinc supplements. I swear by them.

4. GLASSES (ACE & TATE, CHECK HERE: I got my first prescription glasses when I was 17 and even though I was supposed to wear them every day, I didn’t start until I was 25 because I loathed them so much. Now, not only that I cannot see without them, but I feel like they’re part of my identity. I do dj without them on though, I like the idea of not being able to see clearly who’s in the crowd, it’s more anxiety-relieving, like “not wearing glasses anymore, I’ve seen enough”. Also, this is one of the reasons why I don’t make eye contact with the crowd – I just can’t see you guys…

5. SWISS ARMY KNIFE: This cute swiss army knife was a gift from a very close friend of mine. At one point I auctioned it for charity at an office Christmas party, but the colleague who bought it gave it back to me as a Secret Santa gift because she knew its sentimental value. It’s one of my favourite things, it’s very useful and its size is small enough to be allowed on planes (a TSA officer once told me).


5elect5 Essentials Aleksa Alaska DJ Producer