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Berlin-based producer, DJ and Aleph Music founder: Aera. After he was signed to Dixon and Âme’s label Innervisions last year, he now releases a four track EP on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs imprint and continues to surprise and impress. He describes his musical career in personal post on his page as “sometimes things just need their time to grow…and in the end, it’s all about timing…which brings us to today.” Aera’s selection of essentials reflect this mind set very well and shows that the simple things in life are the foundation to creativity.

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1. AIR (GENERIC SILVER BALLOON FILLED WITH ARTIST’S AIR): Air is one of my main essentials. I need it every minute of my life. I can’t imagine to live without it and I would probably stop breathing if someone took it away from me. I love it.‎

2. FOOD (ORGANIC ORANGE, CHECK YOUR LOCAL FARMER’S MARKET): Good food is another big part of who I am. I eat food every day. When I can’t have it, I get moody and upset and lose all my energy. I wish everyone on this planet had enough food in their lives. 

3. SLEEP (TRAVEL PILLOW BY SANDINI, CHECK HERE AND SLEEPING MASK BY DR.WEIDEMANN, CHECK HERE): Sleep is amazing. Almost every night, I lose consciousness and start hallucinating vividly. Afterwards, I feel refreshed and energetic and ready for the day. I don’t think I’d be alive without it. It’s one of my favorite things to do.‎

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