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Sasse Hands 5elect5

Essentials Sasse 5elect5

1. MINTS (FLAVIGNY, BUY HERE ): My favourite Ginger drops, always good to clear my throat and give a bit of a kick after a heavy night or studio session.

2. iPHONE WITH HEADPHONES (APPLE, BUY HERE ): My trusty iPhone 6 plus – finally a phone with I can do most of my office duties when travelling or on the move.

3. KEYS (NO BRAND): The keys to my studio, nothing to say really – open ups the door to my own machine room, priceless.  

Writing Drawing Sasse 5elect5

Footer Sasse 5elect5

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Pan-Pot Hands 5elect5

Essentials Pan-Pot 5elect5

1. iPHONE (APPLE, CHECK HERE ): Unfortunately my life is mainly organizable via my phone. It’s the only way how to keep everything together. Networking, staying updtodate, listening new music, playing games 🙂 (by Tassilo)

2. EARPHONES (BOSE, CHECK HERE): We travel heavy and to disconnect myself from noise, people, the rest of the world I use my noise cancelling headphones. I love the moment when I switch them one and everything from the outside fades away. (by Tassilo)

3. KEYS (NO BRAND, CHECK OUT RIVERSIDE STUDIOS HERE): My keys are quite a good symbol for what’s going on in my life. I feel like a facility manager sometimes. I’m partner/owner of a big studios complex in Berlin called, Riverside Studios and therefore i need all those keys. (by Tassilo)

4. HEADPHONES (NOCS, CHECK HERE): Why they are so important? Because I DJ with them but also produce music, watch movies, play games, fall asleep and and and! (by Thomas)

5. MEDICINE (NO PARTICULAR BRAND): Ibuprofen + Vitamin pills are my ‘Raver Breakfast’ after long nights and extended sets. (by Thomas)

6. UNIVERSAL POWERPLUG (NO PARTICULAR BRAND ): To keep my electronics alive 🙂 (by Thomas)

Writing Drawing Pan-Pot 5elect5



Prequel Tapes

Prequel Tapes Essentials Roland Lego

1. CRYSTALS (SODALITE, MORE INFO HERE ): I’m wearing my sodalite stone since years. I got it from my beautiful wife and I like for its meaning. It basically gives me super powers.

2. SPACE MAN STUDIO KEYS (LEGO, CHECK HERE): The little guy is from the same century as most of my Synths and drum machines. He is basically a gate opener to a huge playground. When my six year old son was introduced to the space man, he was as impressed and happy as I am when I am spending time with all of my machines. Spaceship.

3. SEQUENCER (MODEL 103 – ROLAND, CHECK THE FULL SYSTEM 100 HERE): I couldn’t fit the whole System 100 on the picture. The whole machine is a joy to use. It brings back sequencing to it most simple and maybe, from todays perspective, most unique way of sequencing. Patching the cables into the system, and sequencing two machines with that is a kind of meditation for me. It’s like cooking or going for a run, for my mind and body.

Prequel Tapes

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