5elect5 Essentials Hands George Nebieridze

Georgian photographer George Nebieridze known for his portraits and film photography of Berlin’s youth and subcultures, music and nightlife shares his essentials.

Nebieridze’s unreserved and thought-provoking photos capture genuine experiences and honest connections between friends and muses, moments of heightened emotion and loss of control. His conscious choice to stay away from additional digital post-production enhance the narratives of these scenes. His work can be seen regularly in renown publications such as Vice, Dazed, Butt, i-D Magazine and in galleries all over the world.

Travelling back and forth between his two homes Berlin and Tbilisi, Nebieridze continues to find and document the raw beauty in unexpected moments on film. He is currently working on his third photo book to be released later this year. To purchase George Nebieridze’s first books, visit his shop here.

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5elect5 Essentials George Nebieridze

1. NECKLACE AND PAPER PIECE (A GIFT): A necklace consisting of two parts, the silver chain, which is from Thailand and the laminated paper piece made by a friend Ana Tabatadze  with a Georgian word “tranquility” on it.

2. CAMERA (MINOLTA, VINTAGE): My point and shoot camera Minolta Pico, almost always by my side. I also use it as a back up camera on my photo shoots.

3. 35mm FILM (FUJIFILM, BUY HERE): Probably my favorite 35mm film, Fuji Pro 400H.

4. BACKPACK (THULE, BUY HERE): Photographer’s backpack by THULE. A birthday present from my girlfriend Keira. Even though it is specifically designed for photo shoots, I’m rarely ever seen without it. I got very used to it on a daily basis.

5. LIPCOLOUR (MAC, BUY HERE): Black Liquid Lipcolour from MÄC. Always in my backpack, in cases of emergency black metal states.

6. FAMILY PORTRAIT (❤): A photo of me and my kids, Wilhelmina Aphex and Ada Ofelia on the back of my business card. It almost never leaves my wallet.

7. CANDLE (A GIFT): Black / Red virgin Mary shaped candle. Very rare item from New Zealand.