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Hands Pieces of Juno 5elect5 EssentialsOslo-based artist Juno Jensen aka Pieces of Juno just released the second part of her album series “Tacenda” on KOSO records. Meeting Juno with her bright blue hair had quite a big impact on us. Later on during the photoshoot, she admitted that it was a wig and told us how wearing it makes her transform to the “performing artist Juno”. The blue hair is part of the “Tacenda” project and if you have noticed the debut album“Kalopsia” is all about the artist with red hair (also part of her essentials). Juno is not only a very talented singer, producer and musician but also a music activist. As the founder of KOSO, she has a very strong opinion on the Norwegian music scene as well as a clear vision for all female creatives, producers and musicians in Norway.  KOSO started off as a creative collective with a digital magazine, and quickly turned into a party series, a label and a platform to share music knowledge and production techniques. Juno’s performances are more than just a live show; they are experiences with elements of theater and film. Her essentials seem to describe the transformation from “Activist Juno” to “Performer Juno”, items which empower her and allow her to push both identities.


Essentials Pieces of Juno 5elect5

1. CAMERA (OLYMPUS, CHECK HERE): I got this camera a year ago to document my scuba diving, you can see some of the footage in the video for Cold, Hard, Brilliant. It’s been with me every day since, even though I don’t do too much scuba diving in the cold waters of Norway.

2. PYRITE (GIFTS TO PEOPLE): Pyrite is a mineral, the name derives from greek “of fire”  and often mistaken for gold, nick named “fool’s gold”. I love the shape and gleam of it, and I like to carry it with me. This is the fifth piece I’ve owned, as I usually give them away as gifts to people or strangers who have a certain type of energy. I gave this specific one to Oliver, a regular at Soylent Bar in Friedrichshain. He lives in a house on the countryside with his girlfriend, where he has a garden and grows vegetables, he told me he talks to them and now he has harvested his first watermelon! He told me he was lucky, just to be born Oliver in this space and time, to live his life. I found that very inspiring.

3. WIG (NO BRAND): The wig for “Kalopsia”, the first part in the album series I’m doing where “Tacenda” is number two and blue. I wear the wigs like hats, like different characters in a play or in a film. It helps me get into the mood of each record and define the emotional spectrum of each theme with color and character.

4. BOOK (COLLAGES BY ANAIS NIN, BUY HERE): I always carry books around with me for inspiration and this one is the latest find from my local vintage bookstore in Oslo, Schous Bøker (Schous’ Books).

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Hands Barbara Klein 5elect5 EssentialsBarbara Klein is a Berlin-based Polish musician, videographer and photographer. She established her career and reputation working with Techno legend Richie Hawtin and captured his his global tours in the form of tour diaries, event recaps and conceptual films. Other work includes collaboration with Soundwalk Collective (who we also covered on 5elect5), Yamaha Spotify and now Native Instruments, one of the industry leading companies in music technology. For the early morning photoshoot, we met Barbara at her cozy apartment in the heart of Kreuzberg. Unlike her body of work that tends to speak a dark and mysterious language, she was warm and kind, offering us a cup of coffee and slices of fresh watermelon. Her essentials are a selection of items that give insight into her background, family as well as herself – revealing a strong connection to her passion turned into a profession . When she asked whether cigarettes or colourful cute socks with animals were better for the shoot, we obviously went for the socks. She then pulled out her large collection of socks for us to choose from which made us think that we had learned another side of Barbara who usually is dressed in all black outfits.

Essentials Barbara Klein 5elect5

1. VINTAGE CAMERA (PRAKTICA, CHECK HERE): Leaving home without a camera gives me an anxiety attack. Lately it’s mostly analog one outside of work situation, because I love the ritual of watching family albums together.

2. COFFEE (NO BRAND, JUST COFFEE): Coffee and liquids in general. In higher than average amounts.

3. TOY CAMERA (KIKKERLAND, BUY HERE): Got this little beauty right after moving to Berlin from a friend, who convinced me I have enough talent and power to make a living out of my photography, which at time time was just a hobby. Today it’s a reminder to have fun while working hard.

4. SOCKS (TUTUANNA, ALWAYS BUY HERE): My outfit is all black most of the time, except of the socks. This obsession started on a trip to Japan, from where I brought 30 pairs back home. Funky socks seem to uplift not only me, they always bring smile to people who notice them. I think life is too short for black socks.

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Hands Ali Demirel 5elect5 EssentialsIf you know Richie Hawtin, you are most likely familiar with Ali Demirel’s work. As the creative director, visual architect and engineer, Ali is the man behind all the visual aspects on and around the stage for Plastikman, M-nus, Enter and other collaborations with Richie Hawtin. Together they have created identities and experiences that are not only entertaining for the audience but also applies innovative and cutting-edge technology. Ali’s stage designs and live visuals have true revolutionized the music industry. It was no surprise to us that he had a degree in nuclear engineering and architecture as his work seems to always incorporate scientific imagery and structural compositions with a clever twist that makes his work speak more “art” than simply “background visuals”. His selection of essentials might be proof that it does not need much to come up with creative concepts: ideas, positive energy and comfort. The only wall between the ideas and the breakthrough is the artist him/ herself and only patience, persistence and curiosity allows for the idea to grow.

Essentials Ali Demirel 5elect5

1. PENCIL (NO BRAND): I think by drawing. A good pencil is crucial for me. Whenever I have an idea, I sketch it, and as I’m sketching, the idea becomes clear and develops. Sometimes I do not even have an idea but start sketching random things, then an idea comes.

2. BRACELET (FAMILY GIFT): Reminds me to be patient, and that life is an endless loop. This is a special one from my father. Made from amber, has some positive effects by touching.

3. SNEAKERS (CONVERSE, BUY HERE): A comfortable, practical and well designed leather sneaker.

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Hands Mr Statik 5elect5

Mr. Statik, aka Stathis Kalatzis, is a tall man of many faces: an international DJ with a popular monthly residency at Athen’s “Six D.O.G.S“, a producer, an illustrator and a full-time program manager at Red Bull Music Academy. As one of the pioneers of the Greek electronic music scene, he stays true to his roots and seems to always support and push the local scene even though he is now based in Berlin for the past 4 years. The fact that he was one of the first Red Bull Music Academy graduates from the 2003 edition in Cape Town proves his talent as well as his wide international network of artists and friends.

When we visited his studio / apartment in Berlin, we were impressed by Stathis’ studio set up as well as his book and art collection. He seems to particularly enjoy graphic novels focusing on beautiful but dark subject matters.  This became very visible when he started successfully merging his passion for music and art by drawing his own cover art such as the “A Boy Named Crow” record on Amam. The selection of his essentials capture the secret to his career: find the balance in life that keep you going while staying inspired.

Essentials Mr Statik 5elect5

1. MEDICINE (PRONTALGINE, BUY IN FRANCE): It’s actually sad that Prontalgine is among my essentials these days but it’s my definite go-to hangover remedy when you’ve had one too many, particularly when traveling.

2. BOOKS (TWIN PEAKS, BUY HERE): This is one damn good book! Like all loyal Twin Peaks fans I’m counting days for the iconic show’s return after 25 years. In the meantime this wonderfully curated edition is ticking all the surreal boxes thus being my favorite winter bed time story companion.

3. INK PENS (VARIOUS BRANDS): Sketching and comic book culture has always been a huge love for me, one that I cheated on with music at some point in my life. I’ve slowly created the space to start drawing again, whether it’s been for lil’ design / editorial purposes or just for the kicks of it. This is my current inks collection and I only plan to expand it in the coming year.

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Hands Soundwalk Collective 5elect5

Soundwalk Collective is an award-winning international art and music trio based between New York and Berlin. The members consisting of Stephan Crasneanscki, Simone Merli and Kamran Sadeghi produce concept albums, sound installations and live performances with collaborators such as Patti Smith, Berghain and Nan Goldin. For their latest album “Before Music There Is Blood” on Apollo Records, the ambient division of R&S Records, Soundwalk Collective worked with the world’s most prestigious music conservatories such as the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (China) and the N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia). They recorded and collected sounds from courtyards, corridors and classrooms of these academies as well as hundreds of hours of students practicing and rehearsing. Re-interpreting these notes “out of their context” into four productions, they question the definition of music, composition, and harmony.

When we walked into their studio / living room in Berlin during rehearsals, we were greeted by a concert piece that had the sound and the spacial depth of a symphony orchestra. Their live set up was as complex as their sound but blended in beautifully with the antique furniture, ambient lighting and a selection of french literature on the floor. Despite the creative chaos of cables and analogue equipment, the space felt warm and tranquil just like Stephan, Simone and Kamran’s essentials: a collection of seemingly practical objects with an individual poetic touch.

Essentials Soundwalk Collective 5elect5

1. HIMALAYAN SALT ROCK (KINGDOM OF LO): Salt for the brain. A pure rock of pink salt I collected in Lo Manthang, at the very top of the Mustang Valley in Nepal, as I was carrying out field recordings for our recent sound installation at the Rubin Museum of Art in NYC. (by Simone)

2. HANDWRITTEN SCORE: My sections of our current live set, cues and notes. In making and performing music I need to manually write words, make sketches and see things graphically to understand the flow of it all. (by Simone)

3. PERSONAL NOTEBOOK (NO BRAND): To ground thoughts flying suspended in the air. (by Stephan)

4. SWISS EARPLUGS (CALMOR, BUY HERE): Silence is what really matters. To properly hear you need a counterpoint. (by Stephan)

5. LIGHTER (BIC, CHECK HERE): Holding onto my only vice. The rituals of smoking. (by Kamran)

6. PATCHCABLE (NO BRAND): The blood vessel of modular synthesis.  For exploring and discovering new sonic territories. (by Kamran)

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FILE 68 // DOT

Hands Dot 5elect5

Los Angeles-based producer, label owner and Team Supreme member: DOT. She has been actively shaping the West Coast music scene by giving workshops and supporting forward-thinking female producers and artists on her Unspeakable Records imprint. Her new creative entrepreneurs project THE SOURCE  just launched in December.

Essentials Dot 5elect5

1. BOOK (HARUKI MURAKAMI, CHECK HERE): I am a HUGE literary nerd, and can’t go anywhere without a good book (or 5). Reading is my favorite way to kill time during inevitable travel delays, and a book will never run out of battery power. 

2. PUSH (ABLETON, BUY HERE): The Push is one of the most powerful and versatile controllers I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying hands on, and so easy to take with me anywhere I go. Push + MacBook + headphones = the ultimate portable studio.

3. BACKPACK (HERSCHEL, CHECK HERE): Having a solid backpack is so essential on the road, and this Herschel pack is my absolute favorite. It’s like one of those magic bags that can hold way more than you’d expect without looking or feeling cumbersome. Plus, this one is water-resistant and has a handy laptop sleeve built in! Beautiful marriage of form and function.

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Hands Suki Quasimodo Through my Speakers 5elect5

Essentials Suki Quasimodo Through my Speakers 5elect5

1. iPAD TO VGA ADAPTOR (APPLE, BUY HERE): My best friend for spontaneous screen sharing or exhibiting simple projection mapped installations (really useful with Prspctv app By Minoru Aikawa). Lovingly MT-Taped ofcourse ^. ^

2. WATERMELON SUGAR POSTCARD (CHECK HERE): A project I’m currently developing about personal data visualisation and analytics in the form of a Tamagotchi. Front-end developers and computer scientists, please hit me up!

3. MR DOUGH PIN (STUDIO GHIBLI, CHECK HERE): ‘Pandane to Tamago Hime’ or ‘Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess’ is an unreleased short film which premiered at the museum in 2010 and I fell in love with the story. It depicts a running away to see the world story, kind of what my life is like.

4. iPOD NANO (APPLE, CHECK HERE): Something I’ve had since 2007, it’s only got 5Gb of space so I constantly have to put in new playlists to keep it fresh. ‘:frompamm]’ is inscribed behind it just in case I lose it, then it becomes like a gift from me.

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